Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Review

Author: J.K Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne
Length: 330 pages
Publishers: Little, Brown

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eights harry potter book in the series, however it is written different compared to all of the others. The Cursed Child is written as a script, which I thought was interesting. It was nice to read, as it was different from the other books in the series and also books that I choose to read. I found that it was fairly easy to read and enjoyable, along with it being fast paced and flowed nicely into each act. I also found that I could picture what was happening on stage as I read it, and it reminded me of being back in school in a drama lesson, which I really liked.

Fans of the Harry Potter series will already have a preexisting knowledge of the main characters, which I found helpful whilst reading; because you know the characters and their traits you’re able to connect with easily. Throughout the script it had shocking twists and events, which kept the reader interested and wanting to know more. Despite it lacking description and the beautiful world of Hogwarts and the wizarding world being described to reader you still felt drawn into the world. I also found that I felt sympathetic to Albus, Harry’s son and Scorpious Draco’s son because of them being seen as the outcast and how Albus never saw himself as being the right son for ‘the famous Harry Potter’.

However, I did really miss how descriptive and beautifully written the world was in the previous book. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this book/scrip nonetheless but it didn’t have the same vibe as the other books, which I found really disappointing. I do recommend this book to Harry Potter fans because your own reading experience of this book might be completely different to mine I’d love to hear your own thoughts. Overall I gave this book 3.5*


The Mistake I made! Review

The Mistake I Made
Author: Paula Daly
Length: 426 pages
Publishers: Transworld Publishers 2015

The Mistake I Made by Paula Daly is focused around a single mother called Roz and her son George. Roz is a physiotherapist whose business has fallen apart and is crippled by debt that was left by her ex-husband.  Roz is later propositioned by a rich man who is willing to pay her for a night together.

I really enjoyed this novel, and I was honestly really surprised, it has shocking twists which I really didn’t expect. It kept me as a reader interested in the story and wanting to know what was going to happen. I went into  one of those dreaded reading slumps and needed something that was easy to get into and the story just flowed and was easy to engage with. This was the perfect novel! The chapters were short and kept the plot of the novel flowing and leaving the reader wanting to know more. This novel is very character driven, the world is explained, but not as descriptive as other novels, but that didn’t have an effect on the overall reading experience.

The Characters were brilliant within this novel. Roz the single mother I felt real sympathy for,  because of her past failed relationship and having to bring up her son by herself, but I felt even more sympathetic for George her son who ends up stealing in school so that he can help his mother out with money issues. I loved how Paula Daly showed how Roz’s debt had affected her son and how he wanted to help her out, I just thought he was the sweetest little boy ever. One of the best aspects of this novel is that the reader knows who to like and hate, Scott I absolutely hated, he was so possessive and controlling it reminded me of the character, Mr Grey from the Fifty Shades series apart from it’s not as sexualised, sex is mentioned within this novel but it’s not explained or detailed it’s just implied which I really liked.

Overall this novel pleasantly surprised me and helped me to get out of my reading slump, I am really interested in reading more of Paula Daly’s novels because of how much I enjoyed this book. I gave this novel 4*

A Darker Shade of Magic & A Gathering of Shadows! Review

So this review is rather late as I completed both of these books within the same week, a few weeks ago. A Darker Shade of Magic is the first book in the series by V.E.Schwab.

A Darker Shade of Magic focuses four existing parallel universes of London. Red London, where magic is thriving, White London, ruled by whoever murdered they way to the throne. Grey London, without magic, home to a mad King George III, and then there was once Black London, which destroyed itself for being too hungry for magic.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I do with any of V. E. Schwab’s novels.

The world building within this book is fantastic, it allows the reader to fully understand the world in which they have been thrown into and creates such beautiful imagery. The magic within this novel is unlike anything I have read before, although the only book concerning magic that I’ve read before has been the Harry Potter books, this series takes a completely different take on magic, which is refreshing and engaging throughout. It’s not the stereotypical wand waving magic, which I really enjoyed and allowed the reader to believe in the world a lot more.  I find that one of V. E. Schwab’s strongest prose is the character building and the relationships between each character, are thoroughly thought through, the audience knows exactly what characters to enjoy and love, whilst also disagreeing and hating certain characters. My favourite character relationship is between Kell and his brother Rhy, but also Kell and Lila, the language used in the interactions between these characters is brilliant and believable, in some areas of the novel I found myself laughing at the conversations between said characters, because you really engage with these relationships, that the humour of the conversations between them is portrayed beautifully.
I found that the aspect of black magic within this book fascinating and such a brilliant edition to the overall story. Throughout the whole novel the reader can sense that the story is building up to a climatic point, and it’s as you read the last 100 pages, where the story comes together and forms a beautiful ending for the second book to begin.  I was sitting on the edge of my seat throughout the last hundred pages because I just need to know what was going to happen.

Overall I thought this was a strong opening novel for the trilogy and I had to read the second book right away. I gave this book 4.5*

“I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still”

A Gathering of Shadows


The Second novel was as strong as the first, it continued with the story, but focused on an event known as the element games. where powerful magicians compete against one another by using the elements.  This allowed for the magic within the novel to be further explained and for the reader to be able to fully grasp the concept of this magic, it was fantastic, I love how V. E. Schwab has taken this new take on magic, it works brilliantly within the world of this novel and keeps the story fascinating.
The story flicks between Kell and Lila because of going their separate ways, but later to be reunited due to the element games, which I really enjoyed, it kept the novel fast-paced and always engaging.
I loved how as a reader you think you knew the characters you were reading about, only to find out new and interesting information about them, that allows for them to grow even further. Along with the relationship between Kell and Lila is further hinted at which I really enjoyed because I thought they really worked well together as characters. In this book compared to  the first Black London is introduced, whereas in the first it was hinted at and mentioned but see a glimpse of the world and how it destroyed itself for being too hungry for magic, I really loved how Black London was brought into this novel, I was excited to see how it would be talked about and described and I wasn’t disappointed. And of course, this book had to end on the dreaded cliffhanger! Although I’m not disappointed by that I just can’t wait for the last instalment of this series, I’m really excited to see how it’s going to be concluded.  I gave this book 4.5*

The Sunshine Award


Thank you to Judiththereader @ readandreview2016.wordpress.com , for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. The rules are:

  • Display The Award
  • Answer Each Questions
  • Nominate Another Blog
  • Create New Questions For Them To AnswerMy Answers

1.Why do you think it’s important for us to read?
I think it’s important for us to read because not only does it improve vocabulary, it introduces readers to different genres and world they can immerse themselves within.

2. What motivates you as a blogger?
The fact that people engage with what your writing, no matter how many followers you have, it’s a chance to share your own opinion to the world and fellow book community on what you have read.

3. What was the most disappointing book you’ve read?
The most disappointing book I’ve read has to be The Teacher, just because it was very predictable and was able to guess how it the story was going to unfold.

4. Where is your favourite place to buy books?
Waterstones is my favourite place to buy books, you cannot beat going to a bookshop, just the smell of one is so inciting, although because my local one is quite far, I tend to buy most of my books from amazon. Can’t beat that next day delivery.

5. Do you use your local library? Why/Why not?
I do use my local library, but mainly for books related to my course for university.

6. What other book blogs do you enjoy reading?
I love reading loads of book blogs, however my favourites are @intrepidpages.wordpress.com and Judiththereader @readandreview2016.wordpress.com

7. Are you part of any book clubs?
I am not a member of any book clubs, but I am interesting in joining one, I’ve been looking into the ones on goodreads.

8. What is your favourite genre?
My favourite genre is Fantasy and Crime Thriller.

9. Do you stick to novels (prose), or do you read plays and poetry as well?
I do enjoy to read plays and poetry, I have no poem this is very speical to me and always will be my favourite.  But generally speaking I do prefer novels just because it allows me to become fully engaged within the world created.

10. Do you enjoy book-to-film adaptations, or avoid them?
I love the Harry Potter films, but generally I do try and avoid them, if generally don’t read books that have been turned into a film, if I’ve seen the film because hand because I can only read it with the characters in mind from the film.

I nominate Intrepid Pages  @ intrepidpages.wordpress.com for the Sunshine Blogger Award

1) Where is your favourite place to read?
2) Do you read more than one book at a time?
3) How do you form your reviews of the books you have read? (write notes on aspects you like, or have a book assigned to reviewing)
4) What’s some of your bookish pet peeves?
5) What’s your guilty pleasure as a reader?
6) Do you set yourself a monthly book budget for new books?
7) How do you decided what you’re going to read each month?
8) Do you have a reading goal this year, and if so how many books to plan to read?
9) What’s your most anticipated book of this year?
10) What’s your least favourite series?

The Teacher Review!

The Teacher by Katerina Diamond is her debut novel. The novel revolves around the sudden death of a school teacher because of the horrific secret buried deep within him, sparked by an encounter with someone he thought he would never see again results to the end of his life.

The novel has multiple storylines, which later all begin to come together as the plot of the novel thickens, I enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed the multiple storylines it kept the story flowing and kept the reader engaged, it was similar to a Linwood Barclay novel with the use of the multiple character storylines. The novel is plagued by death, however they were all creative and different, and it left the reader shocked and mortified by still wanting to continue until the end. The novel deals with some serious life issues, which some people go through, it dealt with the issue of rape in an interesting way, it didn’t only show the pain and suffering that the character went through trying to forget about the incident but also how it effects family life and the bonds between the family members. Another issue the novel dealt with, which I found interesting and wanted to read more about was the ritual formed around homophobic behaviour, the idea of being able to change them through horrific acts of violence.

Overall I enjoyed this novel and found the issues it addressed were interesting, especially the way that it dealt with rape and the effect it has on other people close to the victim. However I thought the story became predictable towards the end as I was able to predict who the murderer was, but I still wanted to know how the story would conclude. Overall I gave this book 3*

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