The Teacher Review!

The Teacher by Katerina Diamond is her debut novel. The novel revolves around the sudden death of a school teacher because of the horrific secret buried deep within him, sparked by an encounter with someone he thought he would never see again results to the end of his life.

The novel has multiple storylines, which later all begin to come together as the plot of the novel thickens, I enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed the multiple storylines it kept the story flowing and kept the reader engaged, it was similar to a Linwood Barclay novel with the use of the multiple character storylines. The novel is plagued by death, however they were all creative and different, and it left the reader shocked and mortified by still wanting to continue until the end. The novel deals with some serious life issues, which some people go through, it dealt with the issue of rape in an interesting way, it didn’t only show the pain and suffering that the character went through trying to forget about the incident but also how it effects family life and the bonds between the family members. Another issue the novel dealt with, which I found interesting and wanted to read more about was the ritual formed around homophobic behaviour, the idea of being able to change them through horrific acts of violence.

Overall I enjoyed this novel and found the issues it addressed were interesting, especially the way that it dealt with rape and the effect it has on other people close to the victim. However I thought the story became predictable towards the end as I was able to predict who the murderer was, but I still wanted to know how the story would conclude. Overall I gave this book 3*


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