The Sunshine Award


Thank you to Judiththereader @ , for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. The rules are:

  • Display The Award
  • Answer Each Questions
  • Nominate Another Blog
  • Create New Questions For Them To AnswerMy Answers

1.Why do you think it’s important for us to read?
I think it’s important for us to read because not only does it improve vocabulary, it introduces readers to different genres and world they can immerse themselves within.

2. What motivates you as a blogger?
The fact that people engage with what your writing, no matter how many followers you have, it’s a chance to share your own opinion to the world and fellow book community on what you have read.

3. What was the most disappointing book you’ve read?
The most disappointing book I’ve read has to be The Teacher, just because it was very predictable and was able to guess how it the story was going to unfold.

4. Where is your favourite place to buy books?
Waterstones is my favourite place to buy books, you cannot beat going to a bookshop, just the smell of one is so inciting, although because my local one is quite far, I tend to buy most of my books from amazon. Can’t beat that next day delivery.

5. Do you use your local library? Why/Why not?
I do use my local library, but mainly for books related to my course for university.

6. What other book blogs do you enjoy reading?
I love reading loads of book blogs, however my favourites are and Judiththereader

7. Are you part of any book clubs?
I am not a member of any book clubs, but I am interesting in joining one, I’ve been looking into the ones on goodreads.

8. What is your favourite genre?
My favourite genre is Fantasy and Crime Thriller.

9. Do you stick to novels (prose), or do you read plays and poetry as well?
I do enjoy to read plays and poetry, I have no poem this is very speical to me and always will be my favourite.  But generally speaking I do prefer novels just because it allows me to become fully engaged within the world created.

10. Do you enjoy book-to-film adaptations, or avoid them?
I love the Harry Potter films, but generally I do try and avoid them, if generally don’t read books that have been turned into a film, if I’ve seen the film because hand because I can only read it with the characters in mind from the film.

I nominate Intrepid Pages  @ for the Sunshine Blogger Award

1) Where is your favourite place to read?
2) Do you read more than one book at a time?
3) How do you form your reviews of the books you have read? (write notes on aspects you like, or have a book assigned to reviewing)
4) What’s some of your bookish pet peeves?
5) What’s your guilty pleasure as a reader?
6) Do you set yourself a monthly book budget for new books?
7) How do you decided what you’re going to read each month?
8) Do you have a reading goal this year, and if so how many books to plan to read?
9) What’s your most anticipated book of this year?
10) What’s your least favourite series?


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