Into The Water- Review!

Into the water by Paula Hawkins, Published by Transworld Publishers, and Hawkins second novel.

Into the water surrounds itself with murder, mystery and heartache, the novel is told from a variety of characters, who have been affected by the Death of Nel Abbott. Including points of view from Lena and Jules the immediate family of Nel. Into the water had a similar vibe to The Girl on the Train, which I absolutely devoured, the writing style was the same, easy to get into and allows for a quick read due to heavy use of dialogue. which despite a lack of description and world building the use of the dialogue allows for the reader to understand the characters and form a deep emotional connection, I found to be deeply drawn to Lena and Jules especially. Some chapters are written in a way I felt as though I was Nel and understood the pain these characters were going through, and some chapters were written as though the reader is simply a fly on the wall, observing the event unfold before their eyes. I was deeply drawn into this book due to its writing style. It had shocking twists that left me itching to find out more.

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes reading books, is when an author will talk about a book that a character loves, but that book doesn’t exist in the real world. Hawkins’s include snippets of a book mentioned within this novel, which I found to be a lovely touch, I just thought it added more depth to the story.

Overall I thought this story was enticing and engaging, the characters are well developed and throughout, the reader understands who like and hate, the whole novel a vibe of midsummer murders, which is a guilty pleasure of mine. However the only concern with this book was the ending, it just I thought fell a little short.

Overall I rate this book 3.5*


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