Our Dark Duet – Review!

Oh my. The feels! Just the actual feels!

Kate is an ordinary girl, who fights monsters, August is a monster who endlessly longs for humanity. Both stuck in a world on the breach of war. A war to divide humans and monsters begins, August becomes the leader he never wanted to be, whilst Kate becomes the monster hunter she always dreamed off, until they are forced back together in a bid to end this war.
Our Dark Duet, is the second novel in the monsters of Verity series by V.E. Schwab. This book just had everything you could have asked for, it wrapped up the series beautifully, whilst also leaving the reader with thoughts and feelings towards the characters, wondering what else to happen, without there being any plot holes within the story.

I loved how the world had been progressed, the readers were given further information as to the world and the surrounding cities. The new characters that were introduced such as the Wardens from Prosperity I loved, however do wish that they were involved more throughout the novel. My current love for Kate and August never changed, I felt more strongly towards Kate and August as the book developed, seeing both these characters change and progress was beautiful. V.E. Schwab has a way of writing that allows the reader to love passionately and hate vengefully the good characters and the bad. The last 50 pages of Our Dark Duet had me at the edge of my seat, and my heart in my mouth with the action packed scenes and the tense and totally unpredictable ending. Another aspect of the novel that I thought was a nice touch was how poems were used to express the sensations that Kate was feeling as she lost control, it allowed for the pace of the novel to quicken and keep the reader engulfed in the world.

Overall I rate this book 4*. I absolutely loved every moment of the story and wish to be back in that world that was just so fascinating.


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